20ft Reefer container

20ft Reefer container

The 20ft Reefer container is a special refrigerated container. The Reefer container can be used for cooling and freezing. Our Reefer shipping containers have their own cooling system and get the necessary electricity from the vessel. The 20-foot Reefer container is very suitable for transporting vegetables, fish and meat over long distances and or warm regions.

New and used containers

Trident Container B.V. leases and has  20-foot Reefer containers for sale. We can also rent reefer containers. Trident Container Leasing B.V. only purchases from carefully selected manufacturers that meet our stringent quality demands. Our containers, therefore, have the utmost quality.

20ft Reefer container specifications

The 20-footReefer containers have these specifications:


Max payload:
Max total weight:

Floor type:

ISO, CSC & Pre Trip Inspected
Length x Width x Height in mm.

CBM for the 20ft Reefer containers:

28 m3
3.140 kg
27.000 kg
23.860 kg

T-bar floor

Please contact our sales team if you need more information about the 20-foot Refrigerated container specifications.


The container is provided with an aluminum T-bar floor, stainless lining inside and container doors. The 20-footReefer containers have these specifications:

  • Lighting
  • Temperature alarm
  • Embedded Alarm
  • Cold curtain
  • Flat floor
  • Extra personnel door
  • Data logger
  • Ramp
  • Spray paint in company colours and logo

Other Reefer container types

Besides to the 20-foot Reefer containers, we lease and sell the 40ft Reefer containers. Please contact our sales team for the price of the 20ft Refrigerated containers. To lease a container, please contact our Leasing Division. If you want to buy or rent a container, please contact our Trading Division.

Quotation for Reefer containers prices and costs

Please contact us to hear about the attractive conditions for buying and leasing Reefer containers.

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