Standard 40ft container

Standard 40ft container

The Standard 40ft containers are one of the most used containers. The Standard 40ft containers are twice as big as the popular Standard 20ft containers. Due to the global standard sizes, the containers can be easily stacked upon each other. Trident has a large amount of Standard 40ft shipping containers in stock. We have a wide network of depot facilities in all the main ports in Europe and strategic locations in Asia and the South Pacific. This way, we can ensure that customers can pick up and redeliver containers with maximum flexibility and in a timely manner. We have Standard 40ft containers for sale, but we also lease and rent these containers.

Please contact our sales team to get more information and advice.

New and used 40ft Standard containers

Trident Container B.V. leases and sells 40ft Standard containers. We also rent Standard containers. We have both new and used containers in stock. Trident Container Leasing B.V. only purchases from carefully selected manufacturers that meet our stringent quality demands. Our containers, therefore, have the utmost quality.

Standard 40ft container dimensions

This is the standard size of a 40ft container. We have listed both the external and internal dimensions.


Max payload:
Max total weight:

Length x Width x Height in mm.

CMB for the 40ft Standard container:
67 m3
3.790 kg
26690 kg
30.480 kg

Please contact our sales team if you need more information about the Standard 40ft container sizes.

Difference between the 40ft container vs 40ft High Cube container

The main difference between the 40-foot Standard and the 40-foot High Cube container is that the 40ft High Cube container has more height. Apart from that, the containers are identical in that they have closed walls.


The 40ft Standard sea container has been made out of corten steel and provided with a wooden floor, galvanized locking equipment and a lockbox (anti-burglary).


  • Burglary
  • Electrical installation
  • Air-conditioning
  • Insulation
  • Steel personal door
  • Windows
  • Racks, workbench
  • Ramp
  • Spray paint in company colours and logo

Other Standard container types

Besides the 40ft Standard containers, we lease and sell the 20ft Standard containers and the 40ft High Cube. Please contact us to hear about the attractive conditions for buying and leasing Standard containers.

Buying, renting or leasing

Trident Container Leasing B.V. both sells, rents and leases containers. To lease a container, please contact our Leasing Division. If you want to buy or rent a container, please contact our Trading Division.

Quotation for containers prices and costs

Please contact us to hear about the attractive conditions for buying and leasing containers.

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